We started our weather unit!

We have started our weather unit and it is going really well! I wanted to share 2 of the activities with you. We started out with seasons and did several of those activities including the weather window! The kids loved this activity. I assigned them each a season and they had to draw and write about what they would see out of their window.

We started talking about thermometers today and we made our own and the kids LOVED it! We used yarn that the kids could pull and see the red part rise up! They loved it and it was so easy! We used the sheet from the weather activity pack and glued it to some cardstock. We used red and white yarn. We will use these this week for the rest of our lessons on weather and temperature.

I will be out tomorrow, I have already caught a terrible cold. I went to school anyway today and I felt as if I were going to die! My voice is completely gone. I have a sub so I left awesome plans for her! I really wanted to be there to continue these cute activities :(


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    I love your weather windows! I pinned them :) Hope your cold gets better soon.

    Grade ONEderful

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    Your weather unit is adorable…we are doing weather too right now. I live in southern CA so we don't really have seasons lol. Great ideas!!
    ~~ Vicky

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