Freebie! 50 Reading Comprehension Activites!

I am so excited about this activity pack! It includes 50 activities and graphic organizers for reading comprehension that you can use with any book! They are all black and white so you can print them right out! I am so excited about this pack, I am going to give 3 of them away for free! I am also putting it on sale for 1 day only for 10% off for those that just can’t wait! Click here to get it! 

To win one just share this Facebook post and leave a comment. I will pick 3 winners Monday night at 9:00 p.m.
Some of the topics covered are:
Character Study
Text To Self
Text To Text
Text To World
Story Maps
Dictionary Skills
Cause and Effect
and much more!
Of course I had to give you some freebies! Enjoy!

Click here to get your freebie!


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    Love the two free printables and I bet the rest are great as well! I shared this on facebook. Brian Hopkins

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    Thanks for all the great ideas! Training to be a teacher in NZ ! All these fab ideas help big time !Thanks :) xx

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    I am not a member of Facebook, but I do enjoy your blog. Can I still enter for the giveaway? Thanks

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    It is posted on Vintage Teachers blog twice! TBA published it to my blog and I just republished it with the link!

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    I shared this on facebook. This looks like an amazing collection that you've created. I especially liked the preview of the dictionary skills page.

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    What a great resource! Shared on facebook and love the dictionary page. Doing a lot of work with vocabulary this year….thanks! :)

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    I couldn't wait. I bought mine just now. Looks terrific! Can't wait to try it out. You have the best stuff. Thanks so much.

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    i shared on facebook! being in student teaching, having just gotten a contract for my first teaching position, i know this will be SO helpful for me as i start teaching next august! :0)

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