The Legend of the Poinsettia! Holiday Stuff!

Our AWESOME librarian did an excellent activity with my students today that I wanted to share with you! They read the book The Legend of the Poinsettia and discussed it as a class and she then shared with them a real poinsettia because most of them did not know what they were. The students then made their very own poinsettia’s! The kids really loved this activity!


They cut out several handprints in red and green paper (the more the better) and glued them together. Then they folded up the fingers. Love it! You can even get a real branch from outside and hot glue several of them to it for a pretty holiday display! 

Thanks Sue Ellen!

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How do you make a grinch smile? I saw something similar on pinterest and I thought it was so cute! The kids had a ball!


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    Oh I love it! I used to do it with a pinwheel type project but they could NOT ever fold it right so I stopped it a few year ago but this is perfect!! LOVE IT! Maybe I'll ask my coach or librarian to do this with my class! :)

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    Love this craft to go with the book. Thanks for sharing.

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