What we have been working on!

So I realized that I have taken all of these pictures in my class of things we have been working on and hadn’t posted them yet! So here is the run down! I will be brief! In LA we have been really concentrating on nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

My kids do well with these concepts individually but when it comes to all 3 it gets challenging! We worked on my adjectives mini unit and they did some sorting between adjectives and nouns.

We also worked on recognizing verbs. The kids used the anchor charts to help them with sorting in centers. We also worked on some graphic organizers and mimio interactive lessons that went along with these subjects.

In math we have been working on 3D shapes and graphing.  We have had a ball with 3D shapes! There are so many lessons that you can do with it so we have really been working hard on those!
My kids loved the graphing activities! It took a long time to make but it was worth it! They really were able to comprehend how using data on a tally table relates to graphs. These centers really helped to reinforce that.

And a great pinterest idea! I saw this and thought I would try it.
I used this touch light during small reading groups, when the light is on students cannot approach me or interrupt. When the light is off they can ask questions which is usually when I transition between groups. My kids loved it and it was only $1.00 at dollar tree!!

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    Time gets away from us all when were busy! No doubt about that! Looks like your class has been having a lot of fun and learning a lot. For some reason nouns, adjectives, and verbs seem to be a hard thing to stick into children's minds. Once you do one and you switch to the next or you move away to something else it's like it's gone! By making it fun like your doing it's bound to click with them!

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    Thanks Brian! They really loved it! It was hard to condense it into a few lines and pictures! LOL

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    The activities are great!!!! I LOVE the light!!!! Def. a Pinterest project for Winter Break!!!!! Thanks for the pinspiration!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

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    Danielle G says:

    I love the light idea! I will be heading to the dollar store in search of one before break is over. Thank you for sharing!

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    J. Bomberger says:

    I’ve been teaching Special Ed for 28 years in an elementary school setting and one of my favorite tools is the tap light. When I have a student that tends to be “off-task” often, I give him/her a small tap light. As long as the student is “on-task” the tap light is on. If I see that student is not on-task, I turn the light off without saying anything. This is a simple reminder to the student that he/she wasn’t focused and the student taps it back on. It depends on each student’s needs as to whether it is attached to a reward system or consequence. I prefer the reward system even if it’s just a simple “let’s see if you can beat your taps from yesterday” with a thumbs-up, big smile and a wink. 😉

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