Dictionary Skills and Light/Shadow Ideas

We had an awesome day today and got so much accomplished. We are still working on dictionary skills and I am constantly drilling ABC order in their heads. We teach ABC order to the first letter and the kids have done wonderful with it! When it comes to ABC to the 2nd and 3rd letter the kids have a hard time but they must know it in order to use the dictionary! So I have been doing activities with them to help reinforce those skills. I made this little lady bug activity and it went really well!

First I made little cards with guide words on them and passed them out to the students. I had them write the guide words on the wings. Next I had them write the alphabet on the top of their paper and circle the 2nd letter of each word so that they would know which letters came between those letters. That really helped them choose words. 
The higher students I encouraged not to use a dictionary and to come up with these words on their own. For some strugglers I allowed them to use a dictionary for help. I really think it helped them to understand how this works and they had fun doing it! They loved the lady bugs!
Here is your free copy!
In science we are working on light and shadows. We discussed some shadow facts together and recorded some of the facts that we have learned this week. Next I turned on my projector to my mimio and had the students stand in front of the board to cast a shadow. I used to use my projector but we got rid of all of those. So if you still have a regular projector those work great too!
We discussed how when you stand closer to the board the shadow gets smaller and when you are farther away the shadow gets bigger. Then I traced each students shadow while they were all working on their shadow writing. Next, the children cut them out and glued them onto white paper. I always like to put these up before conferences because the parents love them! I would love to have one of these of my son to look at 10 years from now!
They turned out soooo good!!!


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    Love the ladybug idea!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. 2

    I love this idea for guide words! It can be such a hard concept for the kiddos to grasp! :)
    Stories From Second

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    Just an extra idea for practicing ABC order – I have my students put their spelling words in ABC order each Friday before our spelling test. Also, Spelling City (http://www.spellingcity.com/Games/alphabetize.html) has an alphabetize game.


  4. 4

    omgosh! love the ladybugs :)
    And I do the shadows for mothers day sometimes.

  5. 5

    Love the ladybug, I will use it for spelling practice. Thanks.
    Also with your shadows – I have done this but used the black on the outside rather than inside. The kids all had to cut out pictures of things that were special to them and glue inside their shadow outline. I had one little boy cut a picture of Hugh Jackman piggy backing his son because it reminded him of his dad doing that to him and pictures of lipstick because his mum had some :-)

  6. 6

    Those ladybugs are such a great idea.

  7. 7

    I just saw this post and realized we did something similar last week too! We were doing biographies on a class partner and created silhouettes to go with the write up. I loved how ours turned out as well.
    Also, I wanted to thank you for your post about the scanning app. What a fantastic find!!!
    Thanks again,
    Simply the Classroom

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    I love the ladybug. Although we really don't teach guide words, I'm thinking I could use it for compound words. Maybe writing each part on the wings and then writing a sentence with the compound word in the center. Thanks for sharing!
    Teachin' First

  9. 9

    Thanks guys!

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