Turkey Writing and Craftivity

Of course it is getting close to Thanksgiving and I need to change my hallway display from my Halloween one that I currently have up. I am a little behind! lol This week we are working on nouns, adjectives, and verbs! I have taught each one so we are constantly reviewing these three until they have them mastered.

Today we did a chart and discussed examples of each one. The students then made flip books and wrote examples and drew pictures on the inside. It really helped them to compare them side by side. They get confused all of the time so it is a work in progress.

During writing we started constructing our turkey! In this pack there are 3 options for construction. One is the template option shown here. You can copy the templates on construction paper. They fit right in the bypass tray on your copier. 
Everything is blackline mastered so it is easy for the students to cut themselves. It is a 17 page pack. My students did an excellent job with the template. The second option is a cut and construct printable. This option is for teachers that are short on copies! If you have a copy limit like I do, I know how it feels! Then there is a coloring sheet version. This option is for those that don’t want to do any cutting. They all will turn out adorable I promise!
This student got a little carried away with the glue but you get the picture! 
Then the students started their writing. There is ruled and handwriting paper included. 
“Just as mom took the turkey out of the oven…”
I do this prompt every year and the stories get better and better! One student wrote he jumped off the plate and flew out of the window and caught a spaceship into outerspace! WOW. The story was awesome! The students had to use the adjectives they used on their turkey in their writing to make it more interesting. They did a great job! I hope that you enjoy these as much as I did!  
Click here to get it now on TpT or LPD!
Also I had some questions about how to make the flipbooks in my “How to writing pack”
Step 1: Fold one sheet in half. You will need 2 sheets.
 Step 2: Lay the 2nd sheet ontop and fold it on half so that it is even with the first.
 Step 3: Fold over the top piece. Make sure all flaps are even.
 Step 4: Staple at the top. You are done!


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    Such a cute idea!! Thanks for the item. I will be by tomorrow to get it.


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    This is such a cute idea for Thanksgiving time! I especially enjoyed the writing prompt that dealt with mom taking the turkey out of the oven. It allows students to express their creativity as well as work on writing!

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    Love the idea about the noun verb adjective flipbook. Can't wait to see what adjectives I get for the turkeys.

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    That turkey is so stinkin' cute! I'm also participating in Charity's giveaway and I wanted to stop by and say "hi!"


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    Thanks!!! :)

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    I love your blog! Great ideas!

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