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First I wanted to share with you how I reorganized my file cabinets! They are totally empty now and all of my printables are in binders!!! I saw this on pinterest first.  Hers were SO SO cute! When I saw this I was hooked and had to do it. My files are a MESS! I can get very unorganized sometimes! LOL
They are all in folders but there are things in there I wouldn’t dare use in my classroom these days. I needed to get rid of a lot of stuff and this gave me a good reason to do it! I bought huge binders, sheet protectors, and some ABC dividers and got to work cleaning out files! I threw away all of the things I never use and kept only one copy of the good ones. There were so many things I haven’t used in years. I put everything in order by subject in ABC order. I still need to make my cute dividers like the ones in the picture :)
I put all of the sheets for that subject in one sheet protector, I added more sheet protectors for that subject if they wouldn’t fit.
I used computer labels to write the subjects on the sheet protectors. I made some simple binder covers for each subject and put them all in and I was done!!! This has transformed my lesson planning because now I am way more organized! I can grab that subject of sheets depending on what we are working on and throw it in my bag to take home. These three binders sit on my shelf so now one of my file cabinets is empty! Now I have to tackle the rest of the stuff in the other one! Whew!
SO basically I replaced a whole file cabinet with 3 neat binders!! LOVE IT! I marked all of my master copies with a highlighter so I won’t lose them.
Now to my morning work! I have been working on this pack for awhile and just finished it.  I completed 9 weeks worth. (UPDATE -THIS PACK NOW INCLUDES THE ENTIRE YEAR!) I really needed to revamp my morning work. We use spiral review for our homework and I really wanted to incorporate this method into my morning work. It really helps the kids to constantly practice these skills daily and independently.
The printables are broken down by week and the skills for that week are repetitive for that week so that the kids can do it on their own. There is D.O.L, Language Arts, Math, Handwriting, and Problem Solving included on every page. There is even a challenge section included for the fast finishers. We all have those kiddos that finish in 2 seconds! I was sure to add a lot of writing to it because handwriting is hard to squeeze in sometimes. So with this pack they can practice it formally through morning work also.
Some topics covered are:addition
number sense
number order
2D shapes
3D shapes
equal parts
initial/ending sounds
cvc words
medial sounds
abc order
real or imaginary
asking and telling sentences
long/short vowels
problem solving
days of the week
number words
months of the year
common/proper nouns
plural nouns
inflected endings
data and graphs
tally marks
place value
and much much more!
Click the download Preview button for your freebies! 
Click here to get morning work for the entire year!!
I also have another freebie for you on more and less that I made to use next week.
I hope that you can use it!
Get it here!
Hope you enjoy the goodies!!!



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    Definitely need to do that binder thing. Im such a germ-a-phobe that I dont use my file cabinet. The sides of it is covered with butcher paper and border and they use it as a magnetic center. I have crates galore with colored files for this stuff. Im so getting a binder and adding all my stuff to it by subject. The good thing is I can probably find some empty binders in the office somewhere or a classroom. I love this.

    I got a new camera phone so hopefully I can get my blog going this week. Its just sitting there. LOL

  2. 2

    Wow, you have to inspired me to organize! Thank you (I think :))! Also thanks for the freebie, it will go along great with what we are working on!

  3. 3

    Thanks for the inspiration. I made a personal binder, but haven't done subject binders. I'm going to start now.

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  5. 5

    Amy is was extremely easy. I have tons of sheet protectors that I get from Kids in Need every year. I got empty notebooks from the office. I made cute front sheets for them and side sheets. I used regular tab dividers and did them two letters like A-B, C-D, etc. I also added holidays. I bought my crate home this weekend and sat on my couch last night to put it together. My math one will be done hopefully by Tuesday and then I can throw Science and Social Studies together. It was pretty simple.

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