Have you heard of Scootpad?

Do you use Scootpad in your classroom? If you don’t you should! I was just introduced to this website by a fellow teacher a few weeks ago and I must say I am highly impressed so far! This website provides differentiated common core activites for each individual student in your class. WOW, right? I have used some other similar programs but they did not offer as much as this one does.
 I will tell you a little bit about how I use it in my classroom. I jumped right into this and started using it. It is very kid friendly and easy to use. My kids have been using it for about 2 weeks now and they LOVE it! I signed up for the free membership option, created a class, and added all of my students which was VERY easy. It generates a username and password for you so it literally takes 5 minutes. It automatically generates a parent letter that explains everything and provides log in cards for the kids! I sent those puppies to the laminator and we were rocking and rolling!
That night 50% of my class logged on and I was very surprised because not all of my kiddos have computers at home. The next night all but 2 kids logged on. TOUCHDOWN! LOL

This is the class wall. The kids love this part because they can talk to each other on it and leave messages. My son said he had to “text” one of his classmates on scootpad tonight..LOL! They can even change the avatars! I leave encouraging messages for them here their progress.
When you add assignments for students you add them here and everything is COMMOM CORE ALIGNED. LOVE THAT! I use this to give my kids extra homework or extra practice on skills they are having a hard time on in class. I am even using it for RTI data. I can look at my reports and see where my class is and each student. I can see exactly what they got wrong and what standards they need additional practice on. You can even print progress reports by student to use for conferences that show exactly what that student needs to work on.
I can then click on the area they are having a hard time and that standard will pop up and I can assign an assignment to that one student on that one particular skill!
My students are ability grouped in my room so I can go in and assign whole group assignments or assignments for a particular small group etc. For example, my blue group is working on 2nd grade common core right now so when they log in they see the assignments they have to complete and the due dates that the rest don’t see. Below shows you some of the 1st grade common core standards. You can click on preview and it will show you what type of question it asks.
All the subjects and standards are listed so it is easy to follow. The questions are multiple choice and it even READS the question as an option!!! I love this for my ELL kids. It is totally student directed so the parents do not have to help at all!
Every morning I display this on my projector so they can see who is in the lead. They earn points for all assignments completed and those points earn them rewards or games like hangman! I can even add my own rewards!
Every morning my kids come in they are so excited to see who is in the lead. This program has been a hit so far. You must check this out and start using it in your class. Even if you are not a teacher you can use it as a parent.  I cannot begin to explain to you how much I love this program. My son uses it every night as apart of his homework routine. 
I wanted to review this program on my own, they did not ask me to do it. I really think it is just that great and I love using it in my classroom! There is a free and premium membership that is $4.99 a month. It is worth every penny if you do upgrade. My kids are excited about learning using this program! Be sure to check it out!


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    Thank you so much for this post! I have looked into Scootpad, but haven't started it with my kids yet- this is the perfect motivation :)

    Many thanks!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  2. 2

    Glad I could help Stephanie!

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    I've been using it with my first graders. We love it!

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      Patty – I’m thinking of using this with my first/second graders next year and love to hear that your 1st graders can do it! Exciting!

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    This looks quite promising and definitely on my list of tech tools to explore for the classroom. Great review! Thanks.

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    THank you for this post! I signed my class up today, and am checking out while I am on vacation this week! :)

    Mindful Rambles

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    I have been using ScootPad since about November when I heard about it at a Tech Conference. My first graders love it! Have you heard about Class Dojo? It is a free online behavior management tool. If you like technology, you will love Class Dojo.
    Sharon McBee
    Buggy for First Grade

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    Wow! What a great blog you have published. I adore it and will share to my friends.Thanks!

    Brea Dentist

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    I have signed up but wasn't as comfortable with turning it over since it didn't seem as friendly for kindergarten. I may just give it another try if I take the time to explore it- but I love the features you shared.



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    I just started using ScootPad this year too. And my students love "messaging" each other too! I love free! I'm your newest follower-found you through FB! Love your theme with the high heels…we think alike!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

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    I have been using Scootpad in my 1st/2nd grade split classroom since September and love it! So do my kids:) I love how it is differentiated and Common Core aligned! My students go on 3 days a week during Daily 5 for reading, and 3 days a week during their math time. I really feel that it is an excellent tool!

    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

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    I have never heard of ScootPad! What a great tool to reinforce concepts. And the fact that it automatically aligns with Common Core AND is differentiated is icing on the cake!

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    Hey… I started using Scootpad about 6 months ago on free membership and love so much I upgraded! Your gonna love the options for tracking progress as more time goes on and how clearly you can see trends for student needs and strengths! I LOVE it for RTI data that I don't even have to collect- just print out reports. It's an awesome motivator for student achievement on a self-paced and skill appropriate level that does all the common core work for me! YEAH! Have fun with it!

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    Excited to use this next year!! Woohoo!

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    I hadn’t heard of this site, but I will definitely be using it this year. I teach in Texas, and we don’t use Common Core, but our standards are pretty much identical, so we can benefit from it. Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

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