Math Action Cards In Action!

I tried out some more of the Math Action Games this week and my kids are really doing well with them.
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They have now gotten used to the format so really no explanation is needed at this point. They know that every game requires their math journals so they get those out automatically. They now realize that all of the games are repetitive so after they finish one rotation they know to keep going. My kids are being constantly engaged and staying on task with meaningful activities and I love it.
In this pattern block game the students had to make an AB pattern with the pattern blocks and then find the value of the pattern if each block had a value of 2. This game reinforced skip counting. They had to also record the number sentences for each pattern in their math journal. It was funny because some of them spent so long making these long detailed patterns and then they realized they had to count all of that! LOL
In this game the students have to represent the flashcard with unifix cubes and then write a number sentence. They must race to complete their deck of cards first. It is a game of speed, accuracy, and a good practice for those math facts. They realize they have to record the right answers because I can go back and check!
In this game the students have to roll the dice and make the amount with tens and ones. They must draw the tens and ones in their math journal. Then they must determine if the number is even or odd.
I use rubber bands on my cards because the kids like to fling them around and the paper clips were not working. I keep them all on a ring so it is easy to flip cards and keep them all together.  I use these in my math stations and it take little to no planning on my part. I do go around and model each game before we begin just to make sure the kids get the idea. After that they are able to read the cards and stay on task themselves without interupting my small group. The cards are written in a simple language on pupose so that they can uderstand them. So modeling the activity helps intially until they get the hang of it. Once they have played all of the games they won’t need help and will know exactly what to do. (At least for the youngers ones.) Well that is it for this week! I will review a couple more next week! I am so loving these cards! Thanks!
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    I love your cards! They are very helpful during station time. I am hoping you are creating others.

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