Class Party Time and a FREEBIE!

We have 3 days of school left and our class party is on Monday! The kids are so excited and I am too! I have done so many themes each year and my favorite is always the ice cream parties. The kids love it and it is not a huge hassle. I don’t have a room mom this year so the ice cream party theme was easy and perfect! I buy a gallon of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and the kids buy all of the toppings. I assign them 1 topping each so we always have more than enough.
 I found these cute ice cream cone bubbles that went perfect with my theme at Dollar Tree. They also had bubbles 3 in a pack. I made these cute tags that you can download here.
I also bought these cute favor boxes at party city and I am going to fill them with candy and favors. I have tried every year to get away from the goodie bags but the kids love them, so I always give in! I have banners , flags, tablecloths, and more! Boy don’t you love Dollar Tree?
We’re also decorating these cute wooden picture frames that we will put a class picture in! More pics to come after the party! Don’t forget to get your freebie! What is the theme for your party? Please share!



  1. 1

    Love your bubble tag! We don't usually have a party theme… just whatever! But my team has decided on ice cream sundaes, so I think I'll be heading to Dollar Tree to look for these cute bubbles!

  2. 2

    Ice cream party…YUM! Very cute bubble idea! Don't you just love the dollar store?

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. 3

    Yes, I LOVE the Dollar Store!! Thanks guys!

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