Behavior Management Ideas

Having great classroom management skills is a difficult task and it is task that a lot of teachers struggle with. One year you could have an excellent class and behavior management is not an issue, the next year could be a little more challenging and you have to pull out your bag of tricks.  Even the most experienced teacher can have issues with some of those sweet darlings!

Let’s start with some basics:

1. Always keep your word.

2. Keep the students engaged.

3. Always stay in control.

4. Use positive reinforcement.

These all are pretty standard things that we as teaches should already know. Keeping your word is so important because if a student thinks that you will not give them that particular consequence that you told him about, they will act out. It is very important to stay focused, stay in control, and be the leader in your classroom. Too much down time will cause the students to get rowdy, so it is best to over plan than to under plan your lessons.

One great method that I used was the use of quiet critters. Just buy some colorful pom poms and a glass jar. Add one jar to each table. Tell them the story of the quiet critters and make it good! Tell them that quiet critters do not like noise and they are attracted to quiet students. So when you spot a group being quiet you get to add critters to their jar. The group that fills their jar first wins a prize from the treasure box! My students got so excited about this method and it worked!


quiet critters

Another cute group class management system is to get a regular Mr. Potato head and take off all of the pieces. When you notice all of the students being quiet the class earns a piece to add to their potato head. Once the entire head has all of its pieces the class earns a prize or incentive.


 Use counters! At the beginning of the day give each student 3 counters on their desk. As the day progresses take a counter when a student is not following directions. At the end of the day, the students with all counters left get a prize or incentive, the students with 2 left get a sticker.


Another great method is using behavior charts. I got these from Dollar Tree and every student would get a chart. When they are seen doing something good they get a sticker on their chart. Once they fill their chart they get a prize or incentive.


Whichever system you use make sure that you follow through, make sure there’s tons of positive reinforcement and don’t give up. Take it one day at a time!

Check out some of the things that worked for other teachers on this Facebook post. Be sure to follow the bright ideas Pinterest board here.

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