About Me

This blog is my lesson plan, it shows the love for my students and my passion for expanding their minds every single day in the most effective ways!

I am the founder and creator of LPD. I have taught for several years and have spent time mastering my craft through new and innovative techniques and educational strategies. I used to struggle with getting students to master certain concepts until I extensively researched and created my own quality products. I saw amazing growth in my kids.

I have worked with and been featured by major companies such as; Learning Resources, Really Good Stuff, Brain Pop, Sifteo, Educational Insights, Lexar, Spelling City, Rock-N-Learn and many more.

LPD has been featured as a top educational website for common core resources by The Literacy Institute and the NEMO Educational Camp and many school districts.

Hopefully my site will provide you with resources and ideas for you to use in your own classrooms. I hope that you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them!