Here is my before picture! I moved rooms this year so all of my things were packed up and I was starting from scratch. It was a good thing though because I had a chance to clean things out. I use a green and blue theme every year but decided to add frogs to it this year. I hope I didn’t over do it! Let’s start at my door.
This hangs on the door to my classroom. It has every place we could possibly go on the frog pages.(bathroom, library, lunch etc.) My caboose flips this as we leave the classroom to let others know where we are at all times. 
This is my center area. This is where the students go to get materials for their language arts and math centers. There are folders in them that hold any work they complete or recording sheets that I have. All work gets turned into these center folders. The math tubs are on the bottom. There is handwriting paper, dictionaries, and other things that are stored there for their use.
Here is part of my library and writing center. There are things on the table that go in the writing center. Here are some of the crates I use to put books in and the crates I use for seating.
3 ways to read a book!
Question words and exclamation words used for writing!
Behavior Chart :)
Here is the other side of the class library. It holds all of my books and the jar with the caught being good cards. My kids LOVE caught being good cards!!
Sorry this picture is kind of dark. This is where my kids hang their bookbags. Every child has a number that I also write on their name tags so that they don’t forget! Those are the same numbers I use for my behavior chart.
Next to the bathroom are my class jobs. I use clothespins with the students names on them. I just kind of stuck them up there for now.
Here is the listening center and where I store all of my centers in neatly labeled bags.
Here is my calendar board. I use calendar folders and I don’t have all of my inserts up yet. We only start out with a few in the beginning of the year.
Here is where I display their writing. It says “jumping into good writing”. I will add their work soon. The clothes pins have frogs glued to them with their names on them so I can easily change out the papers without changing the whole board. It helps to keep all of the work current. I also use clothes lines in my room. (not pictured)
Sorry this one is fuzzy. I am not sure what happened. This is my junky desk! I am still working on this area! All of my guided reading books are on the shelves behind me. There is the student computer and my file cabinets. My kidney table is next to it.
Sorry this one flipped! Can you tell I am having a hard time with all of these pictures?? lol This is how I display birthdays. They are called “birthday blooms”. I write the name of the student on them with their birthday. They get the pencil on their birthday. They LOVE it!
This is part of my board.
These posters are under the board. My word wall is on top. I don’t have the sight words up yet but they go above the letter cards that are at the top. I love it here because the kids can always see it really well. It is right in fornt of their faces! POW! :)
Here is my center board and my mimio that fell down :) These are guided reading centers and math centers. I have 10 guided reading centers and the students complete them with partners with one rotation. There are 5 math centers.
My clock :)
This is another angle with the cubbies included. (still not done with these)
Here is where the students turn in papers and where I have extra things stored. The lunch count is taken on the board with the frog sticks. 
Get this word wall here. I also use these cards in centers as math talk cards to help with discussion 
and vocabulary amongst students.
Whew!!!So that is it!

Our school had our first science night this week and it was a huge success. Each grade level was responsible for certain topics. First grade had seasons for our hall display and shadows and water pollution as our in class projects. Our hall looked great! I have to say I work with some of the most creative and talented teachers ever! Check out their blogs at and My part was summer but the entire display was awesome! Great job first grade team!

If you love Scrabble or Words With Friends like I do, then you will love this game for your students! This is one of my kids favorites! It is 13 pages and it is a sight word/adding game. A students take turns pulling a sight word card. The students must read the word and put the word together using the letter tiles and then add up how many points it is worth on the work mat. They use tally marks to keep score on the tally chart. One point for each word that is correct. Students record their answers on the recording sheet so that you can check for accuracy.

Click here to download this game.

Here are some very great activities that will help your students learn or review dictionary skills and guide words. There is a pocket chart center, cut and paste activities and worksheets to help reinforce these skills. This is a 14 page pack. Too cute!

Click here to download.

Two years ago I had a very hard time keeping my kids engaged during calendar. The kids just were not retaining enough of the information of the skills being reviewd. I then made these calendar folders and they were the answer to my prayers!! The kids use folders with sheet protectors to follow along with my calendar. Every page is also an insert on my calendar board.

They look a little bad because it’s the end of the year and have been used everyday so please excuse the condition of the folders and my board! Plus I had taken down a lot at the time of this picture! lol But anyway you get the idea! It covers mostly all of the skills that we work on daily and helps them retain the information. My kids math score sored through the roof! I was so pleased! It covers skills like odd and even, tally marks, tens and ones, number sense, more and less, doubles and fractions and much more! My calendar lesson takes about half and hour but you can change it to adapt to your own time frame. Please email me if you have any questions or click on the post to comment.

This is a 31 page pack ( the picture below only shows 12 of 31 pages) that includes detailed instructions on how to use the folders. It also incudes the word problem story cards, number cards, calendar board inserts and much more.
FYI: There are not many cute graphics included so that teachers can add to the folders and as they wish.
Just laminate and have the kids complete with dry erase markers. My kids play these all the time when they finish their work early or during centers. I use my huge extra large foam dice to make it even more fun!

Click here to download the addition dice game.

Here my students were using 4 dice to subtract 2 digit numbers.

Click here to download the subtraction dice game.

Click here download the fact family dice game.

Click here to download the more and less dice game.

I love to give personalized and inexpensive gifts for my room moms! I purchased these cute frames from Michaels for $3.00, took a silly picture of my kids, used some left over ribbon from Teacher Appreciation Week, a sharpie and my trusty hot glue gun!!! I love it! I would love anything that had BEST in front of my name, so I hope they like it too! Also check out some more great room mom gifts from!

Here are some cute gifts 2 of my kids gave me this morning! I love, love, love them! One parent made me a handmade tote bag with some goodies inside!I am in LOVE with this personalized Tervis cup (with BRUSTERS gift card inside) and have wanted one for awhile! They have a lifetime warranty and will never crack or break and if they do, the company replaces it for FREE!! Now that is a great gift!! “Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin!”

We also had our class party today! The students had a ice cream sundae party with carnival games and prizes!! I was sooo tired afterwards!!

Here is a great center that you can laminate and have the kids complete with a dry erase marker. If you have a limited number of copies per month like I do everything is laminated! The students pull a picture card and place it on the work mat. Then they write the number sentence and then the word problem. This center is great because it comes with a word bank to help them write the word problems. I only ask that you leave a great comment in my TpT store! Click here to download.

Download this game here. Here is another trivia game. These games come in handy and are very easy for the kids to do on their own. It comes with an answer card that a designated “checker” can check their answers on. Enjoy!

Okay not sure how my picture ended upside down! lol But anyway here are my students playing the game. You can print out more tally cards or they can share.

This is a Jeopardy-like game. The students use the
game board to take turns choosing a subject and amount. If they get
the question right, they get the points. If they don’t get it right, they
 don’t get any points. The students must record their answers on the
 tally cards using tally marks to determine who has the most points. Download here.   

So today I took some time and organized all of my centers and games that I have made. I really needed this because I had them in file folders previously and it was not working out too well. So I have them organized by subject in ABC order. There are over 100 games in each tub. These are older pics..I am working on my 3rd and 4th tubs now! They are all in gallon ziploc bags so I can easily see whats inside and grab them quickly. We will see how well this method works!

During this lesson we were working on shadows. We traced our  silhouettes using our projector in our classroom. We then learned all about shadows in a lengthy unit and the students wrote all about them using the facts that they had learned.

On this assignment we traced our handprints and then estimated how many Froot Loops  it would take to fill it. Then we completed the activity with a graphic organizer. The students really had fun with this one.

The kids did a wonderful job on our book report tree! They each completed book reports on some of their favorite books! The book report graphic organizers are shaped like leaves.

Here are some pictures of my classroom! I have a green and blue theme throughout the room.

On the 100th day of school we wrote stories on the topic- “If I were 100 years old…”
The students wrote excellent stories!

I love to do holiday themed activities! We were working on synonyms and antonyms and we created our synonym stockings! Each stocking focuses on a  single word. We came up with their synonyms to add to our stocking. We also created our antonym wreath to add to our holiday display. Each child traced their handprint and filled the fingers with antonyms that we learned during that lesson. They did a great job!