Magnet Manipulatives Giveaway!

Do you want to know what product I can’t live without? You would think it would be something a bit more complex, but it is not. It is LARGE and in charge! LOL
Magnet Manipulatives
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I have been using these for about 3 years now. I first introduced them in my calendar pack and I got so many requests for them to be separated in a separate pack and 3 years later I am just getting around to it! Better late than never right!
I use these EVERY SINGLE DAY in my classroom. They stay in my board area in these cute little envelopes. I added those recently. I used to just add magnets to manipulatives but they just are not big enough. These templates are LARGE and the whole class can see them from their desks!

Here is what is included:

2D shapes- circle, square, rhombus, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, octagon, and pentagon
3D shapes- sphere, cone, cylinder, cube, trianglular prism, and rectangular prism
The place valuepack includes:
The money pack includes
half dollar
one dollar bill
five dollar bill
ten dollar bill
twenty dollar bill
hundred dollar bill
The great thing about these is they can be easily adapted to any grade level.  All you do is laminate and add these cute litlte magnets to the back. My kids LOVE to write on my whiteboard and move these manipulatives around. It keeps them engaged and on task while learning! I can give them any type of problem and they are eager to use my magnet manipulatives that are always on my board.


I will use these to introduce a mini-lesson, go over a concept in an activity, use this in centers, workstations, or fast finsher work. I even use them for morning work in the morning.

You can have the kids sort, match, label, count, problem solve- you can do whatever it is your heart desires! I had to print a second set because my first set is worn out from using them for the past 3 years!
I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do.
I am giving away 5 packs! Enter to win below or catch them on sale now here! Pin it on pinterest or share on Facebook to enter! Enjoy!And don’t forget about the HUGE sale going until tomorrow! Check it our here!



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Math Action Cards In Action!

I tried out some more of the Math Action Games this week and my kids are really doing well with them.
Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.21.35 PM
They have now gotten used to the format so really no explanation is needed at this point. They know that every game requires their math journals so they get those out automatically. They now realize that all of the games are repetitive so after they finish one rotation they know to keep going. My kids are being constantly engaged and staying on task with meaningful activities and I love it.
In this pattern block game the students had to make an AB pattern with the pattern blocks and then find the value of the pattern if each block had a value of 2. This game reinforced skip counting. They had to also record the number sentences for each pattern in their math journal. It was funny because some of them spent so long making these long detailed patterns and then they realized they had to count all of that! LOL
In this game the students have to represent the flashcard with unifix cubes and then write a number sentence. They must race to complete their deck of cards first. It is a game of speed, accuracy, and a good practice for those math facts. They realize they have to record the right answers because I can go back and check!
In this game the students have to roll the dice and make the amount with tens and ones. They must draw the tens and ones in their math journal. Then they must determine if the number is even or odd.
I use rubber bands on my cards because the kids like to fling them around and the paper clips were not working. I keep them all on a ring so it is easy to flip cards and keep them all together.  I use these in my math stations and it take little to no planning on my part. I do go around and model each game before we begin just to make sure the kids get the idea. After that they are able to read the cards and stay on task themselves without interupting my small group. The cards are written in a simple language on pupose so that they can uderstand them. So modeling the activity helps intially until they get the hang of it. Once they have played all of the games they won’t need help and will know exactly what to do. (At least for the youngers ones.) Well that is it for this week! I will review a couple more next week! I am so loving these cards! Thanks!
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Do you use your manipulatives everyday?

Do you use your manipulatives everyday or do they sit and collect dust until you pull them out for a specific lesson? I have TONS and TONS of manipulatives!!!! I try to use them as much as possible because the students love using them but I will admit that I could use them more.

That is where these FAB Math Action Cards come in! Math Action Cards are structured activities and games that the students can play independently, in partners, and groups. They are leveled so they reach the needs of all of your students. They are written in very simple language that your students can read on their own.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 12.44.20 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 12.44.49 PM

If there is anything additional that the kids will need it is listed on the card in the top write corner (dice, flashcards, etc.) Most of them only use manipulatives. They are easy to use but also challenging.  They keep your students busy and engaged during math time doing purposeful activities. They will NOT finish these cards in 2 seconds lol ! 


Some of the skills covered in the games are even and odd, graphing, addition, subtraction, measurement, tally marks, hundreds, tens, ones, symmetry, skip counting, doubles, estimation, and much much more!
These cards can be used in math stations, as a fast finisher activity, or in small groups. I used them in my math stations this week and it was AMAZING how well my kids did with them. They were not stopping to ask me what to do and they stayed on task the entire time! The best part is on every card there is a step where they must record their work in their math journal so you can see and track their work. NO COPIES NEEDED! YAY!!!There is also a checklist of tasks included if you want to assign a few cards per week so that they can keep track. The pack includes 112 activities for base ten blocks, unifix cubes and pattern blocks.
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It includes all the tub labels and  set up for your math action card area. I found this setup useful because the kids can grab what they need and the level of cards they need.